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Stag Outdoor Products sells products made by ODI for outdoor use. This includes
sports cameras, trail/game cameras, and PistolCam, made originally for a client
company, no longer selling or supporting PistolCam.

ODI is a Mountain View, California, company in the heart of Silicon Valley with Google,
FaceBook and Apple as our closest neighbors, so we have access to the most current
technologies. ODI has been designing, developing and producing products mainly for
OEM customers, since 1993. ODI is always on the leading edge of technology, having
many firsts over the years.

Among them are:

  • First PC Video Cam
  • First SVGA Web Cam
  • First Digital Picture Frame
  • First FBI Certified Hand Scanner
  • First Digital Camera for the SD Slot PDAs
  • First Weapon Mounted Automated Camera
  • First HD Radio with TiVO-Style Recording Ability

ODI is a “Concept to Shipping”Service Provider for OEMs and start ups. Our expertise

  • Electronics, Mechanical, Software and Firmware, and Industrial Design
  • Product Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Turnkey OEM Projects- complete from concept to shipping product
  • Logistics- including drop shipping customer orders, if desired
  • Patent Portfolio
  • Military projects, such as day/night vision systems for automated weapons
  • platforms

Contact us with any products ideas you may have, and we can tell you how we can help
you turn it into a shipping product. [email protected]