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Welcome to our new website!

We have information about all the products that are available for retail and for customization. We still have a limited number of PistolCams in stock: call us for pricing.

We’re very excited about the HawkEye and EagleEye e-zoom cameras. The EagleEye is 720x480, while the HawkEye is available as 720p HD and 1080p HD. We can sell it under our brand or private labeled to yours. Either way, they’re high quality sports cams that were specifically designed to have the field of view you need in order to see what you’re shooting at. Most sports cameras have a wide field of view which is great if you’re skiing, for instance, but if you have that when you’re skeet shooting, all you see is a lot of trees and sky. With our cameras, you’ll be able to track the clay and see it as it shatters.

We have designs for trail cameras which we can private label for you. Contact us for details!

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